Praise for SIGN

"The direction by Andrew Keenan-Bolger is the kind Hollywood looks for in shorts to see if there’s a spark of talent. In Keenan-Bolger’s case that spark is a sky full of fireworks." - Metro Weekly
"McGinty and Sadleir make a very endearing onscreen couple, and the passage of time is handled with supreme skill by director Andrew Keenan-Bolger who also served as the film's editor." - Gay Essential
"A captivating exploration of how love and disability can interact with one another." - Queens Journal
"My personal favourite short of the (Iris Prize) festival." - BigGayPictureShow
"Easily the best entry in this program...The cinematography is arresting and beautiful, the performances by Preston Sadleir and John P. McGinty expressive and potent." -Metro Weekly
"McGinty has one of the most expressive faces and, for a young actor, he shows such a masterly of subtleness that I found it difficult to pull my focus away from him. That, of course, would be my loss, as Sadleir matches him note for note." - One Last Word
"(Adam) Wachter's score is note perfect throughout." -One Last Word
"Great production values and good story-telling, perfect cinematography and right soundtrack -- it was a moving experience." -Hollywood Flip